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Being a high quality producer, Safilin can supply your company with excellent linen and blended linen yarns for the following end - uses:

Apparel / Garments

Furnishing Fabrics

Household Fabrics


Technical Uses

    Weaving Yarns
Wet spun Linen Yarns in

Natural and
Bleached on Rove.

Dry spun Linen Yarns in

Long Flax
Hackled Tow
Scutched Tow
Slubbed Linen
Linen with Cotton injection

Open - End

100% Linen yarns
Linen/Viscose 90/10
Linen/Cotton 70/30
Linen/Viscose 70/30
Linen/Cotton 55/45
Linen/Viscose 55/45
Cotton/Linen 70/30
Cotton/Linen 60/40
Viscose/Linen 70/30
Viscose/Bleached Linen 80/20
Viscose/Linen 80/20
Modal/Linen 70/30
Tencel/Linen 70/30
Lyocel/Linen 70/30
Proviscose/Linen 60/40
Polyester Linen 70/30

    Knitting Yarns
Wet spun Linen Yarns in

Natural and
Bleached on Rove.

Open - End in

Cotton/Linen 60/40
Viscose/Linen 70/30
Modal/Linen 70/30
Tencel A100/Linen 70/30
Acrylic/Linen 67/33
Acrylic/Cotton/Linen 50/30/20
Acrylic/Cotton/Linen 35/35/30