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The Fashion Lines
Lineapiu    The top of the top!!!
Yarns from all kinds of materials (summer collection based mainly on Viscose) for evening dresses and fancy clothes
Cotonificio Ferrari    Pure Cotton yarns and blends in the most exciting and fashionable colours for the coming seasons... (also available for circular knitting)
Clasico Lineapiu    All kind of natural fibres (also mixed with some manmade ones), for classic garments
Filclass   The top fashion yarns for the youth!!!
This line is the sister line of Lineapiu Top Line, and is the perfect for garments addressed to young people.
Linea10Piu   The medium line for medium prices!!!
This line is addressed to all buyers for a medium priced garments.
Fili e Forme   Trimmings for clothes.
The most fashionable trimmings you can find!
The collection consists of more than 300 different designs. One suits style!!!...