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Being the continuation of Hoechst Portuguesa, Filkemp continues the production of the high quality PERLON Monofilaments.

Recognised as one of the leaders in its kind, the PERLON Monofilaments can serve your purpose for all kind of end uses.

Today Filkemp is in the process of getting in to the Greek market, realising an excellent co-operation with our agency. Already the first results are shown.

We shall be glad to be your partners.

Commercial Fishing Eight (8) deifferent types of lines are at your disposal.

Due to the close cooperation with the end users and in unison with individual demands we are in the position to offer a monofilament corresponding exactly to your requirements.

High resistances, softness and transparency are the main characteristics of our monofilaments.

Sport Fishing Mono Our product range of Perlon Monofilaments incorporates more than a dozen different types, including I.G.F.A. rated line.

We offer diameters from 0,08mm up to 2,00mm, knowsn for the high linear and knot strenght, superior abraison resistance, elasticity and softness as well as outstanding clarity.

Custom made lines with your colour and your brandname are also available.

Fish netting You may choose between four different base colours (natural, green, grey and orange) in diameter range from 0,20mm to 0,90mm

Charactiristics as shrinkage, elongation, high knots resistance and a special surface treatment of the monofilaments improve the efficiency of your machines and the quality of your nets