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"The Innovative"

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Colback is the brand name of a unique product: a thermally bonded spunlaid nonwoven made from bicomponent filaments: a polyamide core surrounded by a polyester skin.

Colback is used either as a specialty carrier for waterproof bituminous membranes but also for substituting classic polyester carriers.

Colback's main advantage is its construction. Very open structured, it is very easily impregnated, even from the most viscous modified bitumen, thus boosting the productivity of your machines.

It is available in a range of 30 - 330 g/m2 and widths from 1,05 - 5,20m.

Colback S Simple types
Colback SNS, SDZ, SDR, SDM Reinforced types using glass scrim both in the longitudinal and transversal direction.
Colback SDF Reinforced types using glass fleece
Colback U,W Isotropic types
Main applications:
  • Underslating
  • Single ply membranes for flat roofs
  • Liquid roof covers
  • Flame retardant membranes
  • Colback/Aluminum laminat
  • In Crack repair
  • In wall coverings

"The Classic"

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Coltron is the most well known brand name of spunlaid polyester carriers one can find, used mainly as a carrier for waterproofing bituminus membranes.

Coltron's main characteristic is the proper balance between performance and economics.

Its available in a range between 160 - 300g/m2.